Kapal Indah

Pulau Lembeh, Sulawesi

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Dive Kapal Indah

Ambiance Wreck

Kapal Indah (beautiful boat) is an upright fishing boat of about 45 metres long that sits in a shallow (max. 26 metres) bay out of the main current stream.
The wreck has been down for 40+ years so is covered in Coral life; a great spot for finding Black Coral Crabs on sea Whips and Crinoid critters. There is an encrusted net hanging over the stern which along with Black Coral bushes around the hull make this a scenic wreck dive.
Critters often seen are Pygmy Seahorses, Seagrass arrow Shrimp (Tozeuma carolinense), Nudibranchs, Ornate Ghost Pipefish and Frogfish.
Following time on the wreck, divers can move up a Coral/rubble slope for engaging in critter-hunting among the bommies surrounding the mooring buoy.

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