Kandu Huraa Region

Addu Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Kandu Huraa Region

Reef Drift Wall

The kunda huraa region is a very wide area that covers at least 4 dive sites: Bushy West, Fihal Faru, Maa Kandu Beyru and Maa Kandu.

Bushy West is the reef on the west side and has a very nice coral slope to 22m. Nurse sharks shelter in the coral heads. With medium to strong current is a easy and nice drift dive with eagle rays sometimes, napoleons and turtles.

Fihal FaruIs a bit southern and you can end up here on the drift dive with strong current. The bottom is at 35m and sometimes eagle rays enter in the channel to here.

Maa Kandu is a wide reef in the outside corner to the east. The top goes from 5 to 7m, offering a perfect long safety stop. There are my different kinds of hard coral, predominating brain coral. This corner, with the proper current and monsoon sometimes features mantas.

Maa Kandu Beyru is basically the outside of the kandu and is an easy slow drift. Is very relaxing with fusilier schools swimming around the hard corals.

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