Jumeirah Beach

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dive Jumeirah Beach

Real safe diving for Children. Lots of small wild life to explore. Watch out for the Sea Urchins, they group together in packs of 10 to 50. Looks like a pin cushion. Small jellies spend the morning in the pool. By 10 they have all moved out to sea. Some viability issues, as they are dredging up the coast.

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Don September 23rd, 2013 - 15:01:
Very simple and basic dive site, good for kids, and training, not a great dive site as such but definitely has its place. Usual depth max 6m visibility ranges from 1m to 8m (usually about 4 to 5m). Alot of independent instructors use this location for dive training, Excelent for Underwater navigation or Search and Recovery, and open water, except is impossible to get the required depth for conducting the CESA here, some instructors I have heard are doing their CESA diagonally but this does not meet PADI standards.

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