Inch Cape 1

Fujeirah, United Arab Emirates

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Dive Inch Cape 1

Deep Wreck

This boat was sunk in 2001 by Inchcape Shipping. There was an incredibly strong current on the surface when we moored at this site, and as there was another boat in front of us we were almost exhausted getting to the buoy so that we could climb down the shotline to the wreck. The climb down seemed a long way because the wreck is at 35m.
This means you only get 20 minutes of bottom time. When you get there, the wreck is very interesting. The most interesting feature was the massive spotted moray on the deck; its head was as big as a persons. Our instructor patted it on the head, but I would not have!
At one end of the wreck was a huge shoal of snappers which were being chased by yellow jacks. There were also pufferfish and barracuda.

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