House Wreck

Bali, Indonesia

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We waddled into the water in search of the small wreck, embedded in an area of white sand under about 20’ (7m) of water. The wreck is well marked with a buoy, and after a short while of paddling , and having located the dark blot on the seabed, we dived right in. The wreck is of an old Vietnamese boat, which may have presumably been smashed deliberately by the Vietnamese refugees to avoid having to be sent home by the marine patrols when caught. The bow of the 10’ (3m) boat was smashed into smithereens and there was not much to see there except for a few coral fishes.

But a little less than 30’ (10m) to the south of this wreck is a sunken trawler. The exterior looked very much intact but the inside has pretty much disintegrated. Like a scene from the movie, ‘The Deep’ - a giant moray lives in the hull of this wreck: they don’t usually attack divers unless provoked. The soft corals cling onto the skeletal remains of the wreck and this has attracted a fine collection of coral fishes such as the butterflyfishes and the parrotfish. Groups of blue and yellow fin fusiliers were darting in and out of the wreck like kids on the climbing bars. The only sign of the trawler ever having a life was the remnant of an old lorry battery in the captain’s cabin.

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