Hole in The Wall

Fujeirah, United Arab Emirates

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Dive Hole in The Wall

Cave Reef

A rocky coral wall that makes a great dive at night, when it's a haven for sleeping fish.

The site is close to where a fuel depot is being constructed and, due to the fact that the mountain behind this area is being levelled to make a harbour, the site still suffers from excessive silt and poor visibility. However, since the completion of the main excavation work, the site does seem to be sta rting to recover.
Marine life

You'll find all the usual east coast underwater creatures here, along with small shrimp enjoying the ride and meals courtesy of some fat pincushion star fish. Look out for purple finger corals beautifully decorated by brittlestars - it looks a bit like the corals are wearing colourful striped sca rves. Take the time to peer between al l those urchins and see if you can find an elusive need leshrimp, difficult to see because they blend in with the urchin spines. Tu rtles are regularly seen here, often with remoras clinging on to their shell. Cuttlefi sh and batfish seem to be prolific for most of the year, and you might find small stingrays in the middle of the swim-through

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