HMAS J1 Submarine

Melbourne, Victoria

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"HMS J1 later HMAS J1 was a Royal Navy J class submarine built by HM Dockyard at Portsmouth in Hampshire and launched on 6 November 1915.

J1 operated in patrols in the North Sea. In November 1916 a German force made up of half a destroyer flotilla, three dreadnoughts and a battlecruiser set out from port to rescue two submarines U-20 and U-30 that were stranded in fog off Jutland. On the return having only rescued one of the submarines the force passed J1 off Horns Reef on 5 November 1916. Two of the dreadnoughts, the SMS Kronprinz and SMS Gro?er Kurf?rst were torpedoed earning J1's captain, Commander Laurence, a Bar to his DSO. The dreadnoughts were not sunk but managed to reach port where they had to remain for some time while undergoing repairs.

She was transferred along with 5 other J class submarines to Australia on 25 March 1919 and operated out of Geelong in Victoria. She was paid off on 12 July 1922, sold on 26 February 1924 and sunk as a breakwater on 26 May 1926." Source:

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