Hardeep / Suddhabid

Pattaya, Thailand

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Dive Hardeep / Suddhabid


A WWII Wreck, the Hardeep formerly known as ‘Suddhabid’ was used by the Japanese to carry freight. The 80m ship was sunk as a result of a bombing raid by the RAF on 1st May 1941. Now the entire structure of the wreck is encrusted in heavy coral growth and makes a lovely 'cavern' dive. Both large forward and aft holds offer safe, well lit penetration dives & the large steam engine has been removed through a purpose cut hole in the side making access to the engine room easy. The Hardeep is often frequented by turtles and rays, and an emperor angle fish now calls the wreck home.

  • Parrotfish

  • Cargo Bay

    Cargo Bay

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Mr J Washington May 18th, 2018 - 10:20:
This was an amazing dive being up an close to history a real ship wreck. The dive shop who provided this tour was divecenterPattaya.com. I get know credit to advertise them just sharing my story. I went 79 feet bottom time 22 minutes. Its was full of sea life, witness Blow fish and sting rays. Visibility was 10 ft with natural light near side of the ship. bring a flash light. I recommend 3mm or 2mm perfect water temp. May 2018. cant wait to go back.

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