Gota Abu Ramada

Hurghada, Egypt

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Dive Gota Abu Ramada


This area is commonly known as 'the Aquarium' due to the wealth of marine life. There is an abundance of hard and soft coral and schools of butterfly fish, banner fish, snappers and goatfish are found swimming around the mountains of coral gardens. You will find that dives at Gota will make you feel like you are swimming in a marvelous natural fish tank!

It's an easily dived reef with divesites on both east and west side. Nice corals on both sides (south is anchor place and not so nice). Hugh brain corals on the east side, turtles and schoals of goat fish and baby barracudas.

West side has two pinacles and sometimes eagle rays passing by on the outer side of the pinacles. Watch out for agressive triggerfish in September.

This is a nice place, but unfortunately too popular and too close to the big resorts in south Hurghada. Do not try to go here in August or September, here is more divers than fish. Stormy days and wintertime is better.

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Antonio June 10th, 2012 - 6:44:
Gota Abu Ramada, a.k.a. the aquarium, is an explosion of colors and marine life. It is open to every kind of divers, especially to not so experienced divers, because of is shallow waters (the max depth is around 15 m) and the weak currents. It is a circular coral structure that reaches 50 cm below surface line. Close to the reef it's possible to see all the fishes involved in the barrier life, from groupers to big morays to snappers and bat fishes, especilally in the north-east corner. But if you move a little bit far from the reef structure, from the noth-east to the south-west coners, all around on the sand it's possible to meet eagle-rays, turtles (often visible while feeding on the reef), dolphins and if you are very lucky also some reef shark as a white-tip or a black-tip shark. the best is to start in the north side, dive with the reef on the right for the first part after open a little bit in the blue, to finally close the dive again on the reef on the south part of the structure. I hope these few words will help you to better understand this wonderful dive site integral part of the Giftun National Park. Cheers, Antonello

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