Gabr el Bint

Dahab, Egypt

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Dive Gabr el Bint

Gabr El Bint means the "Tomb of the girl" and it is the southern dive site of Dahab. Part of the attraction of this site is the novelty of the commute- by camel loaded down with high-tech diving gear along the inaccessible coastline between Dahab and Nabeq.
The first dive is done to the north of a hard coral buttress that you can see from the shore. The underwater landscape is fantastic with a wall running around the north point of a curving bay and descending to more than 50 meters depth decorated with table corals, black coral. Within the bay, the wall begins at around depth of 8 to 20 meters and give life to shelters and small caves, it is of outstanding beauty.
The second dive is done south of the hard coral buttress. In shore, a large sandy lagoon dotted with coral heads lies just next to a hard coral buttress. It is an excellent place to spot Rays and numerous Crocodile fishes. The upper reef slope widens with a true forest of soft corals. It is exceptional and teeming of life. Beautiful Gorgonians and impressive Cabbage corals lie down between 12 and 30 meters.
This is one of the most unusual sites along the Sinai coast and well worth the journey.

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