Fundo Gap

Pemba Island, Tanzania

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Dive Fundo Gap

Ambiance Shoal Deep Reef Drift Wall

This is truly an impeccable area of five incredibly unspoilt (to Date) dive sites where Pemba's Fundo Island and Njao Island face each other.

Still my favourite dive area.

A few Examples then:

Njao wall (Emelio's Passage) is an exhilarating fast drift dive not for the faint hearted. I sometimes experienced this dive covering 2km in just 25mins!

Opposite this wall is one of the most incredible wall dives starting on the outer west corner on the Fundo side and heading in toward Pemba you can start slow with macro and as the current picks you up 20 mins later you fly past majestic views of the wall and coral to your right and the larger Pelagic fish to your left.

Manta Point, named for its Manta encounters of years gone by (unfortunately not any more) is a hill away fro both Njao and Fundo west of the gap itself with a massive drop on side to infinity. An explosion of colours and thousands of marine species with a different show for you on each dive. Another Favourite with all visitors.

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