Fish Rock - Shark Gutters

South West Rocks, New South Wales

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Dive Fish Rock - Shark Gutters

Ambiance Sharks

Located on the southern side of Fish Rock are the Shark Gutters. Three massive gutters which shelve to a depth of 16 metres and descend to a depth of 35 metres.

Grey Nurse sharks are found here during most of the year, with large numbers being sighted from early May through to August. These majestic creatures are a must to dive with, and are used to cruising past divers eager to catch a glimpse.

Fish Rock (and Green Island) are both designated as Grey Nurse Shark Critical Habitats because the sharks are known to gather to feed, mate and pup at both these locations. Critical habitat areas are 200 metres out from the islands with an additional 800 meter buffer zone. Rules for diving and fishing in the critical habitats came into effect on 1 December 2002.

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