Fish Rock - Aquarium

South West Rocks, New South Wales

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The Aquarium at Fish Rock is situated at the south western corner of Fish Rock close by to the Shallow Entrance to Fish Rock Cave and leads into the main Shark Gutter.

This dive site is a very popular choice for all divers from beginners to experienced due to the amazing abundance and diversity of marine life that congregate here, especially when there is current present. Look out for the inquisitive white eyed moray eels that live in the small boulders here plus the resident green and loggerhead turtles who like to rest in and around the Aquarium.

As with all the sites at Fish Rock, the macro life is superb: juvenile box fish, numerous and unusual nudibranchs including large Spanish Dancers, banded coral shrimp. Other highlights are the very large pelagics such as King Fish that are seen hunting the smaller fish, and of course Grey Nurse Sharks are often seen here. The Aquarium is also a great place to view octopus, cuttlefish, anemones and clown fish, feather stars, butterfly fish, angel fish, southern fusiliers, friendly blue groper (Eastern Blue Wrasse), and much more.

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