El Mina Wreck (Harbour Wreck)

Hurghada, Egypt


El Mina is an Egyptian minesweeper sunk by Israeli fighters, while lying at anchor in 1969. The wreck lies in 30m on a rock sea bed. The current here can be strong from the north and the visibility poor. There is a large debris field which contains a lot of still active munitions, worth a look but for sure do not touch it. The wreck is only 70m long so there is plenty of time to explore everything including the blast hole on the starboard side, where you could have a look inside.It is not advisable to enter elsewhere on this wreck. There is not so much corals on the wreck but it does have its resident fish life, the blast hole gives shelter to shoals of glassfish and a lone anemone and resident clownfish are also in this area. Have a look up to the surface you might see shoals of jacks and small barracudas.

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Mohamed January 10th, 2014 - 15:51:
to dive in elmina wreck you need 10 min from any port in the center of hurghada, its not big wreck but its beautiful how you go dwen to it, the boat tide above the wreck and you go dwen 30 m to see it, you can see the old wreck full of corals,and lot of night fish hiding there!

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