Devil's Hole

Central Florida Springs - Ocala, Florida

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Dive Devil's Hole

Fresh water

Devil's hole is a very impressive place. The sink is about 18 meters in diameter with the water level about 15 meters from the top of the sink.

It can be very difficult to enter into the water (steep sides). You should plan on bringing vertical gear to get in and out of the sink (there is an old ladder but not really safe!).

This is different than Willistons "Devils Den", this is not a maintained area so dont expect facilities or help if you cant get out. Scope it out and make sure you know what you are doing before you get into trouble.

The water is often unclear until you get down a bit, there are a number of cars, etc to see and some cave entrances. Be smart on this dive.

IMPORTANT: This proberty is privately owned and trespassing is a federal offense. The land is currently being developed and the owners have posted no tresspass signs and the property is guarded. Local authorities have been notified.

Edit 5/16/07: Ditches have been dug to bar all entrance. Multiple no trespass signs have been posted, and a fence has been built around the sink.

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LaDonna mystery July 1st, 2019 - 6:49:
So been there when i was 13. It was the hottest hangout for kids. But i was there late at night... & the place is awesome but also haunted... They really should open this place up to public. So many legends surrounding this place.

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