Cuarenta Canones (40 Cannons)

Banco Chinchorro, Mexican Caribbean

Ambiance Wreck

The shallow bottom near Cayo Norte is littered with scores of brass cannon, some over ten feet in length. Dating to the 17th century, experts say these cannon suggest that this may be a Dutch wreck, or possibly even a pirate ship. There is also at least one very large cast-iron double-fluke anchor. Set in only 10-12 feet of water, this site is easily accessible to divers and snorkelers, and is surrounded with healthy corals and good fish life. As you might imagine, it is a great site for underwater photography.
With no significant current, this is a beautiful snorkeling site and a great dive. There is a wide assortment of corals on this site and often a lot of French angelfish and queen angelfish.

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