Condesito Shipwreck

Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Dive Condesito Shipwreck

Big Fishes Wreck Reef Sharks

Diving in Condesito Shipwreck is Outstanding
You can find Outstanding Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)
The average depth is 18 m / 59.1 ft
To reach Condesito Shipwreck you have to do it By boat
This dive site is best suited for CMAS ** / AOW divers.

Advanced divers cos of the currents. Great marine life: Dolphins, barracudas, jacks, lobsters, angel sharks...

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Reviews (1)

mari March 26th, 2014 - 11:56:
A good site, this wreck has been deteriorating quite rapidly, making it a dive site which won't be around for long. An amazing group of trumpetfish live inside this wreck and the site itself is quite impressive with a hidden glasseye, breams and quite a few damselfish. A good enough depth that this wreck can be done nice and slow, it's worth it too see considering it's background as one of the only real wrecks in Tenerife but there are definitely better options out in the Canary Islands!

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