Clifton Gardens

Sydney, New South Wales

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Dive Clifton Gardens

Diving in Clifton Gardens is Interesting
You can find Interesting Typically, visibility is Low ( < 5 m)
The average depth is 9 m / 29.5 ft
To reach Clifton Gardens you have to do it From shore
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

The shark net has a colony of seahorses. There are also soft corals and sponges. Watch out for fishing hooks and rods.

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Reviews (1)

Anke April 2nd, 2021 - 14:57:
Chowder Bay dive site at Clifton Gardens on Sydney’s lower north shore is a classic inshore harbour muck dive: one day you might see a tiger pipefish, anglerfish and the frogfish, and on another you might not see your own hand in front of your face, and you will always see several species of sea horse and the site s signature species; decorator crabs.

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