Ceningan Channel

Nusa Penida, Bali

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Dive Ceningan Channel


Diving in Ceningan Channel is Interesting
You can find Interesting Typically, visibility is Medium ( 5 - 10 m)
The average depth is 15 m / 49.2 ft
To reach Ceningan Channel you have to do it By boat
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

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Reviews (1)

Linda Collins June 17th, 2016 - 13:49:
Cenigan Channel should be dived by experienced divers only. The currents change like the wind from smooth calm glass like seas to whirlwind currents which can only be described as being like a cork in a washing machine where you are being dragged to the bottom rapidly. Extremely experienced divers have lost their lives here never to be seen again. It is as deadly as it is beautiful.

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