Cave of Sleeping Sharks

Isla Mujeres, Mexican Caribbean

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Dive Cave of Sleeping Sharks

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Discovered in the late 1960s by Jacques Cousteau,  just north off the island Mujeres is the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, a local favourite and a good place to see sharks at their most passive due to low salt levels in the water.

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Reviews (3)

Maria January 12th, 2017 - 1:21:
The cave was discovered by a local fisherman. I worked with Ramon Bravo, the Mexican Author and conservationist. He made several documentaries for TV, wrote a column for the newspaper and made several books, some of them were made into movies. Ramon Bravo film a documentary, and later called Jaques Cousteau and Dr. Clark, from San Diego.
Fred October 22nd, 2015 - 5:21:
Dove into the caves in 1972 Jacque Costeau's was just there before our dive in 1972. We saw sharks lying in the caves on the sea floor,my girl friend touched a 10 foot bull shark on the tail and he took off very fast. We dove with 8 other people from Texas it was a completely unorganized dive off a Mexican boat with rented tanks which had no reserve air, everyone ran out of air and several got the bends when they shot for surface including my girl friend. Luckly no one died but were pretty sick,there were no pressure chambers except in Miami which did nobody any good in Isla Mujeres. End on my diving career lost the desire after that trip snorkeling ok but no more scuba for us.
Brian October 7th, 2015 - 23:20:
The name alone just makes you want to do this dive - at least that was my reason when I first visited some 10 years ago. Sharks definitely congregated in the area but don't seem to pay any attention to the visitors. I never made any approaches near them - I was happy to just float along and watching their powerful bodies lay dormant until they would make a sudden move. A relatively deep dive with a moderate current - I still don't recommend for beginners.

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