El Gouna, Egypt

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Dive Carnatic


This is one of the best wreck dive of the Gubal Strait, very close to the Giannis D. Also known as the "wine ship", it hit the reef and sank in 1869 on her way from Suez to India with a cargo of port wine, gold and silver bullion. The wreck is broken in 2 pieces and lies on its side on the reef with a depth range of 12 to 24 meters. The wreck is known for its huge bronze propeller and the beautiful corals that cover it after over 140 years on the sea bed.

With a maximum depth of 25m, it will appeal to most recreational divers and is deemed one of the most fascinating in the Red Sea, not least because the ship's ?40,000 of gold wasn't all salvaged!

The hull is actually broken up into several sections, all of which can be penetrated with the usual caution.

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