Nusa Penida, Bali

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Dive Canyons

Big Fishes Cave Deep Reef Sharks Drift

Extremely difficult and seldom dived. Best when there's a relatively light current from the N. Use more weight than normal. Enter 300m to the N of dive site in blue water, descending rapidly. The current is always strong here and will actually try to push you up the reef into shallower water and often you will miss your approach, eventually being blasted off the point and down into deep water in the middle of the Ceningan channel. That's why you should use more weight than normal. Enter a trench 1.5m wide x 1m deep at 22m and follow it S. It steps down into a much larger trench/canyon, still heading S, and eventually steps down into an even bigger canyon. By this stage you are at 33m and the canyon you are in feels like the size of a stadium. Sheltering from the current at the bottom of the canyon and in the caves are a large variety of sharks and rays not seen at other sites in the area. Make your way over the ridge to the W and you will be blown away by another absolutely massive canyon. You will need to streamline and stay close to the reef as you swim cross-current because the strong S current is magnified as it sweeps over the ridge. These canyons lead down to a slope, the end of which is at the bottom of the Cenningan channel, 220m, so don't let the current push you down the canyons. Swim cross-current, close to the reef and facing into the current. Make your way up the reef to the shallow coral outcrops in the Ceningan inlet. DM's or extremely experienced divers only. J. 461611.

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