Bull Shark Dive

Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya

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Dive Bull Shark Dive

Big Fishes

Bull Shark Dives usually take place in the afternoon from November to February.
Although Bull sharks grow slowly, their average size is about 400cm/12ft to 650cm/19ft and they reach a maximum total length of probably 800cm/24ft. It feeds on fishes, other sharks, turtles, birds, invertebrates and even garbage.
Although no accidents have ever been recorded, large Tiger and Bull sharks do happen to swim right close up to scuba divers. However, in order to keep the diver as safe as possible in such situation we have a set of rules to follow.
- Wear a long wet suit/dark colors.
- Wear dark colored fins.
- Take off shiny objects-jewelry, watches, etc.
- Put metal or flashy equipment in pockets.
- Descend and ascend as a group.
- Stay together as a group on the bottom.
- Stay on the bottom and keep still.
- Keep hands at your sides or fold your arms.  Do not wave.
- No feeding!!!
*Thank you for following these simple rules to help us all enjoy Shark Diving and to keep this a safe and enjoyable trip.

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