British Loyalty

Addu Atoll, Maldives

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The "British Loyalty" served oil tanker in WWII and has an interesting history, including being torpedoed by a japanese submarine without sinking, until it was finally sent to the ground by the British themselves, causing a massive oil pollution in the inner atoll. Nowadays it is a supreme dive spot, and with its 135m in length it is said to be the biggest wreck of the Maldives. It lies on its starboard side, starting from around 15m streching down to 35m. there are many openings, the biggest of which is the engine room, which can even be accessed be relatively unexperienced wreck divers. Make sure to have a torch with you. The most rewarding area is the stern area, but there also is a pink (!) leek fish at the bow.

As far as I know, this site is only accessible with Diverland Gan, which happens to be the only dive base in the area at the time of writing (February 2009). But this may change once the new resort on Villingili, the island next to Gan, has been opened, which is currently under construction.

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