Blue Grotto

Central Florida Springs - Ocala, Florida

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Dive Blue Grotto

Cave Deep Fresh water Lagoon

A massive sinkhole angling down to a depth of 100 feet makes this the deepest of the cavern springs on WadesPage. An air bell at 30' adds interest and a million candlepower underwater light system adds to the safety. There is no current, and the water temperature is the constant 72F of Florida's springs. Since it's within a mile of Devil's Den, I recommend doing both in the same day.

Air fills and full equipment rentals are available at the shop, and a complete video tape briefing of the cavern will be given there also. There are covered picnic tables for gearing up.

Gear up at the tables, then carry fins and lights to the floating dock for entry. Use care and proper trim for this dive, as both the bottom of the basin and bottom of the cavern is filled with leafy debris.

It will silt up badly on contact or when finning near it with feet down trim.

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