Black Rock - Southern side

South West Rocks, New South Wales

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Dive Black Rock - Southern side

Big Fishes Reef

The starkness of these two rocks above the surface gives no indication of the beautiful coral garden below. The two rocks are situated off Smoky Cape beach which sweeps southwards from Smoky Cape Lighthouse towards Hat Head in the south. Though there are two rocks, the surge in the gutter between prevents safe passage through them on all but the calmest days. Also as a matter of safety we encourage diving within visual surface sight of the boat and therefore the skippers watchful eye! Usually this means Black Rocks is split into two different dives, the northern side and the southern side.

In the Southern side:

Similar in topography to the northern side this side of the rocks offers greater depth at the reefs outer edges - down to 20 odd metres in places. Dive centers usually begin the dive in the centre of the small bay created by the two rocks. Large boulders and small sand gutters create habitats for numerous juveniles, octopus, egg cowries, lionfish, scorpion fish and inquisitive eels. As you swim along the main rock keeping the rock to your left look out to the ocean to catch a glimpse of more of the large visiting pelagics - king fish, jew fish and occasional bronze whalers!

Turning back towards the boat keep an eye out for the turtles that make this area their home - sometimes hard to spot through the myriad fish life that gets in the way! Huge schools of pomfrets and bulleyes are well known here with passing schools of long tailed bannerfish making regular appearances.

Again a popular alternative to the dive sites at Fish Rock and suitable for all levels of diver. Snorkeling is popular during the surface intervals.

Average depth varying between 8 metres close to the rocks and 20 plus metres on the sand.

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