Batee Tokong

Pulau Weh, Sumatra

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Dive Batee Tokong

Big Fishes Sharks Wall

From the surface to about 25 m deep. Here begins a flat stage, great marine life with fan corals.
Napoleon, large Grouper and black-tipped reef sharks.

  • Turtle @ Tokong

    Turtle @ Tokong
  • Octopus @ Tokong

    Octopus @ Tokong
  • Giants morays & cleaner shrimp - Sept 2013

    Giants morays & cleaner shrimp - Sept 2013
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Reviews (2)

Guislain November 28th, 2013 - 10:45:
Batee Tokong (or Central Rock) is one of my favourite dive spots in P. Weh. I dive since 4 months as a Divemaster. Beautiful shallow, mid or deep dive (never been to the bottom, but deeper then 50m). Many large Gorgonians fans from 20m. Nearby, there is Shark Plateau, a very good place for sharks, barracudas, trevallies and eagle ray. What we almost always spot: Many redtooth triggerfish, Unicornfish playing with your bubbles, big school of fusilliers, blue-fin trevally, schools of surgeon fish, giant trevally, dozens of moray eel (especially giant moray), octopus, blacktip shark What is common to see: schools of big eye trevally, barracuda (chevron, big eye, pickhandle), eagle ray, white tip and sometimes devils rays. You can definitely dive there many times during your holidays!
Liz December 12th, 2012 - 7:13:
This site is one of my 2 favourite dive sites. It's fairly close to the centre so the shops go there regularly and I've dived it at all times of day. Late afternoon was especially good when we had 30+ schooling devil rays come to join us and all the moray eels were starting to come out so were easy to find. It's covered in hundreds of sea fans of all colours and is excellent at any depth. The current can get a little tricky sometimes but usually this means drifting in one direction with the possibility of having to hold on to rocks to do your safety stop.

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