Angel Window

Pulau Lembeh, Sulawesi

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Dive Angel Window

Ambiance Cave

Angel Window is one of the most popular of the Lembeh island sites, this is a twin-peaked pinnacle that comes within a meter of the surface.
A large cave offers a swim-through for divers on the deep end of the pinnacle, from 24 metres down to 32 metres in depth. One side is a Coral slope leveling out onto a sand flat at 15 metres.
On the other side is a wall to a shelf at 8 metres, then a small plateau and another drop-off, down to 20-32 metres. This colourful site offers schooling fish, numerous Pygmy Seahorses (including the new, unofficially-named Hippocampus pontohi), Leaf Scorpionfishes, reef Octopuses, Cuttlefishes, Nudibranchs and much more.

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Suhendra September 18th, 2013 - 6:44:
Angels window is one of the most beautiful sites in Lembeh. Angels window named after the guy who found it, his name is Angel. And Window is because there is a swimming trough, window meaning jendela in Indonesia. so this site is a big straight stone will hole on it. there you can find a pigmy seahorse, pontohi seahorse, octopus, nudibranchs, Scorpion Leaf Fish, and a lot of butterfly fishes. maximum depth is around 20-31 meters, after went to swimming trough go all the way to the white sandy bottom.

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