Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Dive Abades

Cave Reef Sharks

From the entry spot you can start on a sandy part that brings you to a nice shallow-depth reef, direction South, at only 50 m from the beach. Divers friendly fish, wrasse, parrot fish, blue fin, breams, lizard, scorpion, morray eels (dotted, brown and tiger), octopus (common and spotted), cuttlefish, trumpetfish, nudibranches, shrimps, cardinal, abundant vegetation, the local diving centre removed most of Diadema Antillarum sea urchins and keep the are clean. After the reef, 140? through a sandy area with sea grass until the next reef, from 12 m, angel shark (abundant during the winter and all night dives), stingrays (common and round), eagle ray, bull ray, electric ray, butterfly ray, big schools of barracudas, damselfish, sardines, big anchor spotted at 15 m depth. Small caves full of trumpetfish and schrimps. To move further to the east and spot interesting volcanic rock formations and bigger rays you should rent some DPV scooters which can bring you very close to the lighthouse.

  • Moray Eel

    Moray Eel

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