Algarve, Portugal

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Considered by many as the best dive center in europe.
Excellent facilities and equipment.
Training PADI, ANDI, NAS, BSAC and HSA.
We have equipment loop and semi-closed for holiday.
We are the only center doing mergulhoportugês liveaboard.
The center filler has 6 levels of filtering and our security parameters are above what is required by law.
Prices include full equipment and nitrox for certified divers.

  • Xu-Nauta (liveaboard)

    Xu-Nauta (liveaboard)

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Reviews (2)

Jorge December 9th, 2013 - 13:08:
For me is the best Dive Center in Algarve. A great team with a good flet and a great places to dive. And the last but not least the realy good place to dive at Portimão is the Ocean Revival underwater Parque with 4 vessels from the Portuguese navy sunked near the "Rocha" beach. See more at
Rui October 25th, 2013 - 22:47:
I only went 2 times diving with Subnauta and it was a great experience in both of them. Well organized dive shop/centre with excellent conditions to welcome divers before and after the diving. Great rental equipment. Experienced and customer oriented staff.

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