South Siam Divers S-6713

South Siam Divers S-6713

Koh Phuket, Thailand

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Kevin Kohoutek January 25th, 2017 - 4:28:
Southsiamdivers lacks safety. How can you forget 3 divers Blame everything on others. I'm blessed that my daughters survived there dive trip company blames inexperienced divers paid for company dive master who was also lost at sea blames weak swimmers. After a 50 min dive over a hour drifting in 5' seas fighting current then another hour to be rescued they survived think they are very strong swimmers. Probably was Southsiamdivers crew forgot to pick them up. As they drifted over 20 kilometers they seen the two tenders tied up to live a aboard boat. Something as basic as a head count could have prevented this near fatal experience dive director Greg only point blame How can you blame divers for Southsiamdivers boat not picking them up after dive. Greg also said kids used the bouy as a float that slowed rescue company diver master had possession of float Hopefully this never happens again but with staff in charge ( Greg) it's only a matter of time before they lose a diver

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