Pelagian Liveaboard Diving

Pelagian Liveaboard Diving

Wakatobi, Sulawesi

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The world-renowned Pelagian dive yacht was bought a couple of years ago by the Wakatobi resort and has been completely rebuilt and refurbished. She however retains the charm that peope have come to love over the years that she's been providing discerning travellers with premium cruises. She is now in tip top shape and performing splendidly as the premier liveaboard in South Sulawesi.

Having searched the world, and Indonesia for the most pristine reefs we found the healthiest, lushes and most beautiful corals right at home in the Wakatobi region. So although we could bring Pelagian to Komodo, Raja Ampat and other areas we choose to create cruises with Wakatobi Dive Resort as a base but to the more remote sites not accessible from the resort. On a cruise aboard this luxurious and immaculately maintained yacht you'll experience a dive holiday like no other in the region.

Adding to the allure are key Wakatobi-exclusive aspects like direct access through our own air charter service, gourmet cuisine, highly qualified instructor-level dive guides, marine conservation participation and the possibility to combine a cruise with a stay in Wakatobi Dive Resort.

The newly remodeled Wakatobi dive yacht, Pelagian, is like a floating tropical boutique hotel with ever-changing top-side and UW vistas. All of the cabins have been masterfully-designed for comfort and aesthetics. Spacious floor plans, luxurious bathrooms and modern decor create relaxing environments for guests. With a maximum of ten guests, Pelagian offers more space per guest than any dive yacht of its kind. All interior spaces are air conditioned and each cabin has its own temperature control. Guests enjoy an unlimited hot and cold water supply and fresh towels daily.

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Karma Krafts Productions August 7th, 2011 - 10:25:
Pelagian Dive Report: Beware is the first thing that comes to mind. What you book and what you get are two entirely different things. Even if you confirm with Wakatobi prior to your trip that what you think you're getting and they agree to it in writing you still won't get it. For example they changed my 10 day charter (which was booked a year in advance) to two 5 day charters but assured me I wouldn't be diving the same sites as the resort even though I shared my concern that my itinerary would be compromised by having to return to the resort half way. Henrik, the vice president told me personally that wouldn't happen and it did, a full day and one half. I also made my booking because of others who told me about two of the best sites over by Buton. I am a videographer and that was my main focus doing those muck diving. I wanted to make sure I was going to dive there and again spoke to the VP and made sure he was aware of my concern - again because of the altering of my contract booking, his reply, I will contact the proper people to make sure you will dive this area. That never happened - even after several requests on board. There were others who were there specifically for the muck diving who shared my disappointment. My master suite was so overridden with mold we had to keep our door open all the time and another couple requested to have them move from their mold infested cabin to another vacant room and they gave them a real hard time and wanted them to pay for the other room. I have other issues as well but the above is the main issue. I should mention I did contact the VP on this issue and after the response "I wish I knew what to say" I have tried to communicate further and received no response. If you have any notion of going on the Pelagian then don't read any of the information they post on their website for you will be disappointed. You don't get all what they say or what you pay for. Beware!

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