Fish Rock Dive Centre

Fish Rock Dive Centre

South West Rocks, New South Wales

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South West Rocks is the home of one the best dive sites in Australia

Fish Rock Cave is our best known and most popular dive site but the Cave is just the beginning of the great diving around South West Rocks. The surrounds of Fish Rock offer some spectacular dives and opportunities to view the abundant marine life that congregates around the Rock.

Fish Rock Dive Centre is a fully equipped dive resort and training facility owned and operated by Jon. In addition to the on-site accommodation we offer a range of facilities for diving and recreation. Our on-site, pool is used for training and recreation.

Fill station offers air and Nitrox fills for enriched air certified divers (courses for nitrox are available).

Both digital and film underwater cameras are available for hire. Tuition or training courses for underwater photography are available.

A wash area and secure drying room is available to all divers who dive with us. We have a laundry for guests of our accommodation.

Our recreational area has BBQs for our guests use and plenty of space for relaxing and socialising and a tropical setting around the pool area. Divers and non-divers alike are welcome to relaxing around our Dive Centre.

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grey nurse sharks

Grey Nurse Shark

The Grey Nurse shark is an ancient and docile species, but unfortunately is rare and endangered. Fish Rock is one of the few diving sites in Australia where Grey Nurse sharks can be found most of the year round.

humpback whales

A humpback whale breaching near fish rock.

During winter time we also have Humpback whales. Imagine watching the nurses cruise around the gutters at Fish Rock with whales singing in the background. It does happen.

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    Fish Rock Dive Centre

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Reviews (3)

Bobby April 28th, 2013 - 10:04:
I had a great dive with these guys, the are so professional, friendly and really do a great job, excellent care in the water, the take photos of you diving ad when you get back onto the boat for an interval they give you a nice cup of tea, soup and cake, along with some warm water to pour down your wetsuit. Fantastic dive company and best dives iv done
Laura May 27th, 2011 - 23:41:
One of the most amazing dives I've ever done! Incredible! What does this rock have that attracts so many pelagic? Fish Rock Dive Center was awesome in treatment and professionality, thank you guys! :)
Sergio April 12th, 2011 - 3:29:
Diving with Fish Rock was amazing. The cave was one of my best dives in Australia, with all the nurse sharks and turtles. The divemasters are really helpfull and informative, not only with diving stuff but also with tips for our holidays in South West Rocks. I'd love to come back and dive again withs this guys!

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