Euro-Divers CAYC Muscat

Euro-Divers CAYC Muscat

Muscat, Oman

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A few kilometers away from the city center and right after the traditional Omani fishing village of Sidab, cozily nested among a typical Omani landscape of two rough mountains is the CAYC bay, the Capital Area Yacht Centre where Euro-Divers Oman is conveniently located.
With a nice sandy beach with snorkeling and night diving possibilities from shore and with a full licensed restaurant and bar right on the beach, CAYC is THE weekend spot for local expatiates in town. Well framed by Cat Island, a local easy dive site and a stone-throw from our dive center.
The dive center is ideally located in between the famous Fahal Islands and the Al Munasir wreck and only an hour away from Daiymanyat Islands, all superb places to scuba dive.

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Although visibility can be the tricky element when diving in Oman, we can honestly say that the average visibility in the Sultanate is around 12 to 15 meters, reaching sometimes as far as 25 meters. These plankton rich waters attract an array of marine life incomparable to other diving destinations, a true mix of fauna and flora of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The best time of the year with regards to visibility is during the summer months, April to September, although these are also the hottest months concerning air temperature. You can expect water temperature as low as 22C during the winter, October to March, and as high as 29C during the summer (April to September), with some thermoclines from time to time and in some dive sites more than others. Almost all of our dive sites are accessible for snorkelers and non-divers are welcome on board to discover what the Oman Gulf has to offer above and below water.

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