Desroches Island

Desroches Island

Outer Islands, Seychelles

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Desroches Island is ideally placed at the epicentre of all the magical delights the Indian Ocean has to offer: warm crystal clear waters, an abundance of unique marine life and a magnificent selection of coral reefs.
Removed from commercial fishing and protected by law, Desroches and the other outer islands are a natural sanctuary with a flourishing eco-system and a colourful collection of unique marine species. It is thus small wonder that Desroches Island is fast becoming the favourite place in Seychelles to go Down Under! Boasting more than 14 recognised dive sites containing deep caves, underwater labyrinths, swim troughs and more.

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Beyond the exhilarating game fishing, salt water fly-fishing and unrivalled scuba diving, Desroches Island offers you an array of fun-filled Water Play. The team at Cast-A-Way is a lively, multi-cultural collection of talent geared to cater for your specific outdoor and Down Under needs.

  • Desroches Island - Aerial View

    Desroches Island - Aerial View
  • Cast A Way entrance

    Cast A Way entrance
  • Cast A Way - Day time

    Cast A Way - Day time

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