Aquarius Dive Centre

Aquarius Dive Centre

Tavolara, Sardinia

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In a splendid peninsula, in front of the protected sea waters of Molara and Tavolara Aquarius is celebrating the start of its 20th year in operation.
The area is famed to be one of the best areas to dive in the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the majestic Tavolara and Molara islands and the protected waters full of giant groupers, barracudas, eels and a large variety of organisms like nudibranches, sponges and briozoas. The area has been recently declared the richest in the Mediterranean for Biodiversity.

Inside a beautiful area formed by pines and eucalyptus in the residential complex "Le Farfalle (Butterflies) in Capo Coda Cavallo, just a few steps from the beach where divers embark.

The dive sites in the Marine park are located between 5 and 15 minutes of navigation, giving the possibility of single dives if requested. Whoever decides to stay at the beach, while the group is diving, can enjoy the panorama of Tavolara, crystal clear water, and the ivory sand. The bay has 2-protected areas in the sea perfect for casual diving and for children. The beach has available all typical services (kiosk, pedal boats, sunbeds, and umbrellas).

Within the centre there are several well organized spaces such as the classroom for educational activities, locked areas for the scuba equipment and small private boxes to store personal belongings during the dive.

The dive centre includes a platform to prepare for diving and 20 square meters with 3 sweet water tanks for rinsing equipment. There are practical locked areas for drying the personal wetsuits and 30 private baskets to pack the rest of the scuba gear overnight if required.

A welcoming front porch has become over the years a friendly hangout for the divers before and after the excursions. WIFI is available with FAX and printer. The HD monitor gives you the ability to see our blu-ray movies and personal photos.

We offer help in adjusting and fixing equipment if necessary. It is possible to rent all the equipment as well as computers, underwater photography equipment and torches. It is also offered the possibility of professional and personalized HD movies on request.

We are a GOLD COMPASS AQUALUNG centre for safe diving and reliable advice on equipment rental of AQUALUNG, APEX, SUUNTO, TECHNISUB. All equipment is serviced and periodically renewed and expect discounts and promotions on the latest product if you like to try and own it.

Scuba Equipment for Rent:
20 BCs and regulators, 40 wet suits (5 and 7 mm), large variety of masks, snorkels and fins, 10 rechargeable torches, 5 dive computers, reels, compasses, and other accessories. Over 60 tanks (equipped with double valve DIN or INT/yoke) 12lt, 15lt, 10lt and some 18lt, 8lt, 5lt (for kids). Some tanks are exclusive to NITROX fillings.

Compressors: Bauer (36000 lt/h)and Coltri MCH16 (14000lt/hr) for NITROX

Photographic equipment (some for course work some for rental): Compacts: Fuji F31d and F200EXR, Sea&Sea DX1G. New mirrorless: Olympus EPL1.
Various accessories such as macro and wide angle lens, and flash units such as Sea&Sea YS01 e 110alpha, Olympus UFL2, INON S2000. Camera rental cost is included in the Digital Photography courses. As we love to take pictures underwater we often do specific excursions for photo shooters!

Ribs are the safest and fastest for diving the Marine Park. We have three (6.6, 7.5, and a large 9 meter one) in order to plan dives in a personalized manner and to allow availability even during the busiest times. The ribs are comfortable and safe for our type of excursions and can also quickly reach the sites. On board you will find all necessary safety equipment, emergency oxygen and rescue kit, and extra weights.
The new 900 rib, thanks to separate aft and rear areas lends itself especially for double dive excursions, longer trips to Capo Figari, and photographic events!

  • beach for Aquarius divers

    beach for Aquarius divers

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cristiana dusi February 2nd, 2013 - 13:38:
A great easy going dive center with experienced divers and great logistics. Right in the middle of the protected park of Tavolara. Very knowledgeable about the ecosystem. Dives are varied and the guides and team will bring you in places off the beaten path...!

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