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Alexandria, Egypt

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Cassandra LaMarche June 3rd, 2017 - 18:18:
Please do not dive with Alexandria Dive House for this dive. Unorganized and shady business practices resulted in our worst dive experience ever! We live in Alexandria and told them that we knew many other Foreign residents who would dive if we had a good experience but this was not the case. The two dives cost us 100-130 Euro/person. Disorganization from the company resulted in us turning around to get our physical passports even though they already had copies. After returning, we were told we would have to wait another hour before using the boat because an Israeli dignitary was in town- which we believe now to have been a lie. One of the tanks given to us had NO air. The woman there tried to argue and say that we had hooked up our equipment wrong but soon discovered that the tank really did not have air. The second tank given to us had a broken O-ring. Furthermore, the rental equipment (BCs, regs, etc.) were all old and would have been dangerous to dive with if we had gone deeper than ~11 feet. The company boasts about being Francophone and English speaking but then did not send a single French or English speaking individual with us on the boat. Once at the first dive site, we went down about 11 feet and the visibility was horrible. All in all we spent 10-15 minutes under the water before the guide told us to surface despite everyone having almost a full tank left. We then went to the army to get permission for the next dive by this time it is already 2:30-3 pm. We wait for about an hour and a half and finally we called it quits as the sun was setting. We were given the same excuse about a dignitary being in town and therefore the military was being more strict about security. When we arrived back to the dock, the boss, Dr. Ashraf Sabri was there and told us that he felt really badly and that the whole day was out of his control because of this dignitary that is in town. He told us he’d like to take us out on his personal boat and do a dive with us to make up for this one. They also refunded about 1/3 of our money. When we returned 4 weeks later for our free dive, the boss and his boat were NOT there. We were also told that we would have to PAY for a second dive because the boat was going out for two dives and there was no way we could just get our one free dive. We refused to give them any more money and instead we walked away. Two of the divers from our group decided to stay pay the money and dive but they ended up waiting around for 3 hours for the boat to show up and they argued with them about price. Dr. Ashraf Sabri is a shady business person who will just try to take your money. This company is a scam-See Tripadvisor reviews. For the money we spent in all on these dives, we could have flown to Sharm-El Sheik and dove on beautiful coral reefs. Please take your money elsewhere!

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