Divescover Diver Protection Warranty

Why book your dives through Divescover.com?

The 5 reasons why you should book your dives through us:
  1. Easier. Avoid surfing over hundreds of crappy websites. Get all the information in one place
  2. We got the best operators in the world. Over 15.000 Dive centres in our list.
  3. Independent advice. We will tell you what you need, without any bias from operators or agencies
  4. Always the best price. If you find it cheaper, we pay you the difference
  5. Earn points: Upload your pictures, reports, comments, invite your friends, and you get discounts for your next booking
Divescover Diver Warranty

When you book through us you are covered by our Divescover Diver Protection Warranty.

At Divescover we have a team of specialized scuba diving instructors who have been, literally, everywhere. Our aim is to provide you with the best experience giving you the best options out there. You happy - We happy

From the beginning of your search, either for first time diving, or experienced adventures we will guide you, from starters until the last detail. No matter if it is easy shore diving or complex cave technical diving, we can advise you, suggest the best operator and protect you with our warranty.

When you book directly with dive operators, they will always be the best, their place is always great and all competitors are crappy. But if something happens you are on your own. By booking through Divescover.com we give you independent advice, unbiased from preferences or agencies, only looking forward YOUR experience.

Every activity booked and paid through Divescover is covered and protected by our Diver Protection Warranty. It ensures our clients will never lose a payment performed through our platform, independently of the operator. This warranty has no extra cost.

Our Warranty covers you from:

  1. In the unusual case of the operator cancelling the activity, Divescover will return you the 100% of the amount paid to our system, and will strive to find you a suitable alternative with the same conditions
  2. In order to be covered by this warranty, payment should have been perfomerd in Divescover. If you have questions you can ask the operator
  3. All clients cancelling the activity on their own will not be covered by this warranty
  4. In case of change of dates, we will do our best to change it either with the same operator or with a suitable alternative
  5. If you are not 100% satisfied with the activity we wil like to know about it. Write us and we will make sure it doesn't happen again. We want to improve the diving industry, so a bad operator will never be used in our system


We make sure all our operators work under the best safety standards and regulations in the industry. We also care about the environment and the teaching. Our reviews help you decide which operator suits you better, and our assitants will help you decide when, how, and why. Together we can make the oceans better.

Payment Security

All payments performed through Divescover are covered by our Warranty. We use encrypted technology, so your personal details are completely safe with us.

Customer Support

Our consultants will help you in (almost) any situation! Doubts about a dive site? How to get to a remote island? When is the best season? We have been there already and can give you the best tips. Our team works around the clock, with consultants in every continent!

Doubts? You can always contact us directly! Send us an email to dive@divescover.com