Timo Gubbens

Timo Gubbens

Netherlands - Zuid-Holland

Scuba Points: 12
Dive Instructor

Experience: mainly Thailand, Egypt and Indonesia

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    Caves Dahab, Egypt

    Starts from the shore with dropoff on 5 meters. All site looks like a valley between upland with a light slope going down. At a start (20 meters max) - 2 overhangs from both sides of the walley. Next is cave at a right side - entrance at depth about 30 meters. Then if going down with slope - valley…
    The boat in 1930's

    Sophie Rickmers Wreck Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    The Sophie Rickmers is a 134 m long impressive wreck. During World War II, the Sophie Rickmers was requisitioned by the Dutch. On May 10, 1940 the crew sunk the ship.The wreck now lies in 55 of water. This is a deep dive for advanced divers. The wheelhouse is 37 m deep, the decks around 45 m deep.…

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    Great site, you will start going to the right to an outcropping coral reef at 20-30 mtrs depth, then you'll cross the sandy bottom covered with pipefish going towards the left to reach another huge piece of outcropping coral, cross that until you…5 years ago
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    The ship is very intact, really beautiful, covered in corals The dive is deep, difficult, with nitrogen narcosis, decompression, for experienced divers with good air consumption only, in 15 minutes you'll be on 100 bar. Bring two tanks. You will…5 years ago
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