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Mohammad Abdel Ghaffar, thats my name, my first profession is learning and development consultant, I train self development, business & life coaching. I am specialised in psychology and brain science. My second profession is dive master, i do what dive masters do plus, deal with sea and diving phobias. I teach divers challenged with sea or diving phobias about their brains, how they function, and how to manipulate the power of their unconscious mind to over come their fears. I use NLP and CBT and other customised psychometrics to help divers enjoy the underwater world with confidence. My goal is to spread the fact 'diving is literally for every one' just decide and the rest your brain will happily do it for you :)

My Dive Centers

    Blue Realm Diving Dahab, Egypt

    Blue Realm has its headquarters in Dahab, one of the most relaxing holiday resorts you can imagine. From here we organise our custom holidays throughout Egyptian waters, offering just about anything you could want, from shore diving in Dahab to liveaboard expeditions to the most remote sites in…

    Mirage Divers, Dahab Dahab, Egypt

    Mirage Divers is located in the heart of Dahab and we are a PADI 5* Dive Resort offering a wide range of safe diving activities and PADI diving courses from basic to pro level and even for juniors.So whether you want to learn how to dive or you are an experienced diver who wants to explore some of…

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    Mohammad commented Blue Realm Diving
    such a cozy place, once you get their every thing is so in place, neat, clean, organised. professionals are nice and friendly. its easy to plan your dives, you get the help you need. i can say the best equipment maintenance in the area specially with&hell6 years ago
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    6 years ago
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    Mohammad commented Mirage Divers, Dahab
    professional, friendly and educated. counter, diving professional are great and cater for customer service. They have daily dive plans for different dive sites. very well organised, they also have customer feedback form that they care to consider on&helli6 years ago
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