Maxime Moniez

Maxime Moniez

France - Languedoc-Roussillon

Scuba Points: 11
Dive Instructor

I started diving in June 2009 on Koh Tao where i went from OW to Rescue Diver in about 2 weeks and added some fun dives on top of that, then went back to France, where i bought all my diving equipment and added some more dives as i got totally hooked. Left France for Australia in september 2009 where i works as Bar Manager and during my spare time did my DM at Dive Noosa. I stayed until April 2013 where i became an OWSI again on Koh Tao.

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    Chumphon Pinnacle Koh Tao, Thailand

    Chumphon Pinnacle is a widely regarded as KOh Tao´s best dive site. It´s one huge pinnacle that starts from 30 mtr, and goes up to 14mtr. There is a separate smaller pinnacle, Barracuda Rock (located to the south west) wich is also definitely worth a visit. Enjoy Koh Tao´s premier…

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    Chumphon Pinnacle, true said one of Koh Tao's nicest dive sites, though cause of the intensenty of the fishing industry around the gulf of Thailand, this said it stays a nice diving site depending on the time of years, good chances to see, schooling&helli5 years ago
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