javier pallares

javier pallares

Egypt - Dahab

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I started diving few years ago, first snorkel after freedive and then scuba, I did my IDC in Dahab,on the Red Sea. with Team Blue Inmersion the the Course Director Jonas Samuelsson and Mark Soworka from Thailand. I also have a nitrox, deep, O2, nigth and sidemount speciality I love to teach and don't care in the time that i use for my students, for me the important person is the student and what they learn in the course it will be forever.

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    blue hole

    Blue Hole Dahab, Egypt

    Blue Hole is a diving location on east Sinai, a few kilometres north of Dahab, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea.The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole (a kind of cave), around 130 m deep. There is a shallow opening around 6 m deep, known as 'the saddle', opening out to the sea, and a 26 m long…

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    The Blue Hole Dahab could be the best place for depeer freedivers in Europe You can go really deep without swiming too mutch and usually is protected from the wind El Blue Hole Dahab puede ser el mejor sitio para apneistas profundos en Europa Tu&hellip6 years ago
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  • training apnea in blue hole

    training apnea in blue hole
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