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    Pygmy Seahorse

    Seaventure Dive Platform (Oil… Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Descend down the leg of the Oil Rig onto the sand and explore amongst the rubble and coral for the coolest critters on the planet such as nudibranchs, ribbon eels, frogfish, the amazing pygmy seasorse, shrimps, crabs, crocodilefish, stonefish, scorpionfish and many more macro critter you only…

    Richelieu Rock Koh Surin, Thailand

    Probably the best divesite in Surin Islands, and also in Thailand is the world renowned Richelieu Rock, which lies 18km east of the Surin islands and is a small limestone outpost carpeted with thick pink and purple corals. Locals call it "Plo Nam", and rumor says it was discovered by Jaques…

    Koh Chi Koh Surin, Thailand

    Fringe reef off the western side. Depths from 10 - 22m. Average depth 18m. Visibilty 12 - 24m. A variety of hard corals carpet the sea floor. Turtles (hawksbill, oliver ridley, green, and occasional leatherback) are common. Also there is a chance of large pelagics, dog-faced tuna, barracuda. The…

    Hin Gong Koh Surin, Thailand