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Alice Grainger

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Scuba Points: 25
Dive Instructor

With over 2000 dives and more than 300 certifications I have been diving since 1996, and have been working on and off in the diving industry since 1998. My experience ranges from equipment sales, live-a-board safaris, shore based teaching and guiding, resort and centre management, and marine research, conservation and education. My most recent dive post was as the Dive Officer for Reef Doctor Madagascar - a challenging role on many levels during which I designed and taught a specialist underwater data-collection skill development course to enable newly qualified divers to collect a diverse range of data safely and with minimal impact on the environment. While most of my experience has been gained diving in the Red Sea and Indonesia, I gained my DM in the UK in 2003. I have experience working in strong currents, low visibility, and remote locations. I always put safety first and am stringent about sticking to standards. Having said that, even when the tides dictate a 4 am start, I have also been told I have an infectious enthusiasm. I am a dive addict, and get a real kick out of introducing people to the underwater world, and helping them to feel comfortable and safe while experiencing it. All my students will also attest to the fact that every course I teach is imbued with a sense of reverence for the marine environment and the ways in which it needs protecting. I am also proud of having helped quite a number of people overcome their fears of deep water, of diving, and of the ocean in general, and go on to become dive addicts and champions of marine conservation! These days I am also an avid underwater photographer, and as such am also having to re-learn to be a better buddy when I have my camera in my hands! I am currently looking for a management position that will enable me to take my diving career to the next level.

My Dive Centers

    Mantadive Gili Air Gili Air, Indonesia

    In August 2008 we opened a new dive centre and bungalows in Gili Air. Gili Air is the closest island to Lombok and over the past few years has become more popular with those wanting to escape the party atmosphere and buzz associated with Gili Trawangan.The bungalows are the same design as on Gili…

My Dive Sites

    jack fish on liberty

    USS Liberty Wreck Tulamben, Indonesia

    The USAT Liberty is one of Bali's most famous dive site.USAT Liberty Glo, a United States Army Transport, was built at the Hog Island emergency shipyard in Philadelphia during World War I, but was completed after the November 1918 armistice. Shortly after the U.S. entry into World War II, Liberty…

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    As a diver with over 2000 dives, this is in the top 5.We got there at sunrise to avoid the crowds, and the dive was non-stop amazing, with barely enough time between amazing sightings to process it. Huge ball of trevally, giant trevally circling,…5 years ago
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    One of the most professional, well managed Dive Centers in the Coral Triangle. All equipment of the highest standard, great attention to safety and standards. Excellent place to learn to dive, or to advance your diving career amongst highly…5 years ago
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