Dive in Koh Kood

Diving in Koh Kood


Koh Kood is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. It offers about 10 nice and varied dive- and snorkel sites, good coral reef and interesting rock dives. Most sites are suitable for diving and snorkeling. During dry season the visibility is good most of the time. The Koh Kood dives sites are close to the island so it takes only 5 to 20 min to get to them. 

From Koh Kood it is also possible to go diving around the National Park Koh Rang, the islands Koh Mak and Koh Chang. With the speedboat is takes about 40 minutes to the National Park or Koh Maak, or about 1hr to Koh Chang dive sites. This way we can offer keen divers different dive sites for multiple days. 

One of the big advantages of Koh Kood is that during the monsoon season (May until September) there can still be good diving on the east coast of the island so there is diving year round.

Best dive sites are: 

- Koh Raet North and south

This island offers different dive sites. The depth is between 5 to 14m. The dive sites are located between Koh Rat and Koh Kood, giving shelter for snorkeling, discover scuba diving and regular dives. There is nice coral and on the reef we often see stingray, moray eels, all kinds of small coral fish, catfish, goatfish, razor fish, stone fish ...

- Ao Klong Chao

This reef is accessible from the coast. It’s a nice and easy dive. Ideal for night dives, perfect for discover dives or refresher dives. There is beautiful healthy coral and lots of things out in the sand such as starfish, octopus, crabs, etc.

- Ao Tum

Ao Tum is a big dive site consisting of a beautiful coral garden. The depth is between 5 to 14m. It is full of fish with big boulders and plenty of hard corals. The varied marine life includes sting rays, bathfish cobia, rainbow runner, etc.

- Hin Loy

This rock in open sea offers a good refuge, so it is full of fish. The depth is between 5 to 15m. There are many nudibranch, groupers, sweet lips, fusiliers, parrotfish and lots of colorful shrimp hiding in the rocks, sometimes turtle. Around the rock there is nice coral reef, and of in the sand three are many things to find, ray, flounder, sepia, octopus and sometimes seahorses. Because of the abundance of crustaceans it is great location for a night dive.

The prices for a Open Water Course are 14500B, Discover Scuba Dive (2 dives) 4500B and 2 fun dives 3000B

(By Manu, manager BB divers Koh Kood)


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Travel to Koh Kood

Koh Kood is situated in Trat, the most eastern province of Thailand and very close to the Cambodian border. The island is about 315km from Bangkok and 80km from mainland. It is the fourth largest island of Thailand with a population of about 2000 inhabitants. Koh Kood is about 25km long and 12 km wide and is mostly unspoiled jungle, coconut trees, waterfalls, small streams, rubber plantations, small villages, white sand beaches and stunning bays. The island is quite mountainous offering great views all over. 

Koh Kood is easily accessible, there are several boat companies offering the passage, they all offer free taxi from Trat to the boat. They leave from different piers close by. From October until May there are also speedboats and slow boats running between the islands Koh Kood, Koh Chang and Koh Maak. 

The best time of the year to visit Koh Kood is October until May. During this time the weather is dry, hot and sunny, the seawater clear and blue, the beaches white. But also during green season Koh Kood is worth paying a visit for those who enjoy the great beauty of nature and can stand being rained out now and again. 

On Koh Kood there are no ATM’s, no 7eleven, no gogo bars and no mass tourism. There are many places to stay from low-budget until exclusive five star luxury resorts. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing holiday. This is what draws most visitors. For those who want some activity as well there are a few things to do like diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, kayaking and cycling. The island is easy to explore on motorbike. Although there isn’t a big party scene, there are a few very nice bars who offer (live) music until late.

The high lights of Koh Kood are Ao Salad, Ao Yai and Khlong Maa, the local fishermen villages. Fishing is still one of the most important source of income and a large part of the local people live from fishing. Nowhere you’ll find fresher fish or seafood than on these villages.  

TY garden of fireflies is very impressive, like a fairytale. Thousand of fireflies light up like stars in the sky. The best time to see them is around January to May. 

Khlong Chao Waterfall is a historical one since King Rama VI once visited here in 1911. The king inscribed his name on a stone at the first level of the waterfall. Klong Chao Waterfall has three steps. There is a pool at the first level, this is where most people take a dip to cool down. It’s a pleasant place to swim and relax. There are beautiful butterflies in this area. It’s accessible by motorbike or kayak. 

Khlong Yaiki Waterfall is a small waterfall on Koh Kood. It’s accessible by motorbike or kayak. You can paddle from Klong Yai Ki direct to the waterfall. It’s smaller but higher than Klong Chao waterfall. It is a great spot to spend a relaxed afternoon and have a swim

The 500 years old Makka tree called “The big tree”, is hidden in the thick forest of Koa Din Dang. It is definitely one of the biggest trees you’ll see. 

Of course there are many dive and snorkel site around the area of Koh Kood. Beautiful clear water with many different corals and marine life. More information about aquatic life you will find at the diving tab. 


(By Manu, manager BB Divers Koh Kood)

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