Dive in Koh Hai

Diving in Koh Hai

The closest place from which to dive Hin Mouang (Purple Rock) and Hin Daeng is Koh Ngai. These dive sites are quite far out in the Andaman Sea and therefore it is still a three hour boat ride, but well worth the trip. The completely submerged reef is carpeted with purple hued anemones, more than you will ever see in one place. The macro life is wonderful but Hin Mouang and Hin Daeng are also feeding grounds for pelagic fish. They are fantastic dives, and worth the trip. Hin Mouang features large underwater pinnacles, huge shoals of fish, soft corals and gorgonian.

Travel to Koh Hai

Koh Hai, also known as Koh Ngai, is a tiny island measuring 4 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide, located close to Krabi in the southern part of Thailands Andaman Sea. Mountainous and covered by tropical forest, much of the coastline is indented with rocky headlands, while the eastern part has some beautiful sand beaches, and in the south coconut plantations and more beautiful smaller beaches. The island has a white beach and clear water and is surrounded by magnificent corals. Don't be surprised to see crab-eating monkeys and monitor lizards coming down from the mountains. In the uninhabited western and northern parts of the island, bird watchers should have a field day looking out for migrating birds. Snorkeling is easy along the western and southern coast, where some reefs can be accessed directly from the beach. From Koh hai you can do many excellent dives as day trips, none better than Hin Daeng and Hin Mouang.