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Menorca is the easternmost of the Balearic Islands - it's also the most lush, tranquil and unspoilt of the three main islands. It's not a place for party animals. But if you're looking for endless miles of uncrowded beaches, delightful fishing villages and historic towns, you've come to the right place. King Juan Carlos pops over here on the royal yacht from Mallorca for fresh seafood lunches.

The second-largest and most agricultural of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is much less developed than its neighbours, with a rural hinterland and fewer resorts.

Beaches and peace are the island's main draws. Its 120 beaches outnumber the combined total for the other Balearics, with many owned by the Spanish National Trust and accessible only by boat or foot. You won't discover some primordial paradise - this is the Med, after all - but you will find some genuine tranquillity.

The two urban centres are Mao (' Mahon ' in Castilian), the capital, in the east and Ciutadella, the former capital, in the west. 70 per cent of the islanders live in one of these.



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