Dive in Peru

Scuba Diving in Peru

In Peru, Scuba Diving can be practiced the whole year in fantastic places as: Máncora, Organos and Punta Sal (Tumbes); Talara, Islas Rocas, Bayóvar (Piura), Tortugas, Casma, Huarmey (Ancash); Ancón, Pucusana, San Bartolo, Isla Asia (Lima); Islas San Lorenzo and Fronton (Callao), Lagunillas, Mendieta, Laguna Grande, Lomitas and Marcon (Ica), Quilca and Matarani (Arequipa).

Appropriate places for snorker diving are la gruta de los osos marinos (adventure in which you will be accompanied by sea lions), la roca del pinaculo (tropical fishes and penguins hunting in the water) and la corona del diable (sea lions swimming by your side).

Scuba diving in the waters of Peru will definetely be an unforgettable experience.

Travel to Peru

Infinite sway of blue waters, maybe greenish. Refreshing and renovating breeze that blows the faces, tangling the hair. Solitary seagulls deploy their wings and fly toward the unreachable horizon. Dying waves say goodbye to the sand, in a narrow beach that rests between the desert and the sea.

Silent view of the Peruvian and Ecuadorian coasts, of beaches blessed by the rich waters of the Pacific that store, hide and give shelter, in its unknown depth, a great variety of species, reason why they are such an attractive paradise for those lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling.