Dive in Pearl Islands

Diving in Pearl Islands

Located in the Pacific Ocean, next to the coast of Panama, there is about a hundred small islands, many of them uninhabited, encouraging visitors to enjoy diverse activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, or swimming in beautiful white sand beaches.

Contadora Island is the fifth largest of the Pearl Islands and is located in the Pacific Ocean about 50 miles from Panama City. This island features fine hotels, restaurants, a dive shop, a 9-hole golf course and even a duty-free store. You may enjoy any of Contadora's 13 beautiful beaches which encircle the island, or take excursions to nearby islands, and find your own private beach for sunbathing and picnicking, or choose to dive its pristine waters.

Travel to Pearl Islands

Just a 15 minute plane ride from Panama City lie the exotic Pearl Islands. You can still buy pearls today, but the major attraction of this archipelago are its picturesque aqua waters, lush vegetation, fascinating marine life and lovely sparsely populated beaches.

It is the location of the 7th and 8th CBS Survivor series that aired Fall 2003 and Winter 2004. The only place in the world where two CBS Survivor series have been filmed. That should tell you something about just how special are Panama's Pearl Islands.

First settled by the Spanish in the 16th century, thousands of pearls were found here including the 31 carat, 400 year old Pelegrina pearl owned by Elizabeth Taylor today. Previous owners included the Queen of Spain, a French Emperor and an English Queen.