Dive in Azuero Peninsula

Diving in Azuero Peninsula

Travel to Azuero Peninsula

The Azuero Peninsula, located in the south-west of Panama, is a land of traditions and folklore. There, several cultures have met to give origin to one of the most distinctive places in the country, considered its heartland.

In Azuero it is common to observe small towns with Spanish architecture, where people still gather in the square around century old churches. The most important centers are Pedasi, Las Tablas and Chitre. They all offer the basic services plus some entertainment and night life. In all the small villages situated along the peninsula you can buy unique handicrafts such as clay pottery, ceramics, paper mache carnival masks, leather and wood furniture, embroidered clothes.

The best assets Azuero has to offer to travelers are its deserted, long and narrow sandy beaches, surrounded by soft hills and green pastures. Due to the scarcity of rainfall during all year, the east coast of Azuero is called “arco seco” or “dry arc”, and it is perfect for those who like constant good weather. If you are a surf lover, you will certainly enjoy the big waves of Venao, Cambutal and Lagarto beaches, among others.

The best place to practice scuba diving and snorkeling is the National Wildlife Refuge of Isla Iguana, south of Pedasi. This spectacular tropical island lies in the biggest coral reef of the Gulf of Panama. And between June and November you will be able to observe humpback whales. Isla Iguana is also the nesting ground of five different species of turtles. In addition, it is possible to see red throated frigates and many other native marine birds. 

Although tourism infrastructure is still developing, the Azuero Peninsula offers different lodging options. You can choose between the warmth of family run hotels or exclusive and luxurious resorts. If you want to know the true spirit of Panama you cannot miss the Azuero Peninsula.